Your manners are not showing!

I was raised in a different era.   It was the 60’s and 70’s.  Times were different.  Your word meant something and a handshake was like the super glue of an agreement.  When your mother said something, you didn’t mumble, turn your head and walk away.  If you did, you saw a side of your momma that the people in the local church didn’t!  When mother said something, you said “yes ma’m or no ma’m”.   If you were riding a bus and an elderly person got on, you just gave up your seat and let them sit there.  It is called respect and it is called having “good manners”.

I see so much today that shows this lack of manners.  If you drive down Falls of Neuse Road, you will see some people who couldn’t care if you were Mother Theresa, they are not going to let you into their lane.  If you try, it would seem like you had just insulted them beyond measure.  I love to watch people as I shop.  I walked into a large home improvement center and the clerks behind the register didn’t even glance up to look at me, let alone say “hello and welcome to our store”. As I was checking out, I gave my credit card, paid and started to walk away.  I was in there buying stuff….a lot of stuff.   I could have chosen the other large home improvement center across the street, but I chose them.  Just to bait them, I stopped, look back and said “thank you”.  I was given a gruff, “you’re welcome”.  Really?  I just paid enough money on this sale to pay your salary today….you should be telling me “thank you”.   I went to another store that opened up at 8:00 AM, and I was there at 7:55.  They were having a “meeting” at the front. They could see me standing there, but wouldn’t give me the time of day.    I would imagine that the meeting was about sales that have gone down.  I was outside the door with a credit card and the only thing keeping me from buying was 5 minutes. My dad taught me a lot about owning a business.  “You can always tell who the owner is and who the worker is.  The owner will let you in early and stay late for a sale.  They treat you like royalty”.   We’re forgetting “manners”.

What does that have to do with you reading this article from a chiropractor?  Because 36 years ago when I started my practice, I decided that my practice was going to be filled with manners.  I wanted my patients to feel loved and appreciated.  I realize that there are dozens of chiropractors where they could have gone, but they chose me.  The minute you walk in, I want you to “feel” the difference.  I want you to walk away thinking, “I made the right decision in chiropractors.  I may have been injured in an accident, but I have found the place where I can get well and love being here.”

World’s Best Medicine

Have you ever been around a table with family or friends eating, and someone tells a joke and you bust out laughing.   You laugh so hard that milk comes out your nose.  I laughed once and a green been came out through mine.  You know what I am talking about?  It is what Grandma Johnson used to call a “belly laugh”.  You laugh so hard that your stomach hurts.


Have you noticed that sometimes you have the opportunity to laugh at the worst times?  Have you ever laughed in the middle of the sermon at church or worse, at a funeral?  The preacher is up there preaching, talking about the perils of hell and you suddenly remember the joke that made the milk come out and you start to laugh.  You’re not laughing at what is happening in the church, but from a memory.  The problem with this laugh is that regardless of what you try to do, you can’t stop laughing.  The great thing about a funeral laugh, you can tip your head down and it looks like you are sobbing.


Where does all this lead us to?  When you are around the table or in the church laughing, how do you feel?  I can tell you how you feel….you feel great.  It is as if all the weight of the cares of the world have been lifted and you feel lighter.  You feel a bit of energy increase.


In the book of Proverbs, it says the “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”   There is an amazing group of chemicals in the body known as “neurotransmitters”.  They are there to send electrical impulses within the nervous system.  These are called Endorphins. They are the “good medicine”.   They can be stimulated and produce a euphoric type feeling….you know the feeling that everything is good and I just love life.  That time when you get Grandma Johnsons belly laugh, your Endorphins were high.  Not only do you have the good feeling, but you also begin to make changes in bone and joint health.  That is important to me as a chiropractor.  I want you to have good, healthy limber joints and strong bones.


So in a day when Opioid drugs have such a bad reputation, how about getting a dose of laughter instead?  Rent a comedy, spend some time with family and tell jokes.  I realize that life can be tough, but take 2 jokes and call me in the morning.

Success is already in you!

It is a phrase that I learned over 36 years ago from a chiropractic consultant, Dr. Jim Parker.  He even made it up into a little plaque to hang on our office wall.  It wasn’t a long drawn out statement, in fact, it was rather short.   Out of all of the different success principles I had learned, it is probably one with one of the biggest punches.   Believe me, in my study of success, I have heard a lot of statements, but this one will literally change your life and the course of your path.   Are you ready?

“IF IT’S TO BE….IT’S UP TO ME”.   I told you it was short and to the point.  The fact is, if you can catch this one statement, it will simplify your journey of success.  Why?  For a lot of people, they spend years trying to find someone or something to hitch their wagon to, to make them successful.   But there is no magic hitch.  There is no wagon to jump onto.  YOU ARE THE WAGON….and there is no horse to hitch up to!   Some folks want their momma or daddy to give them everything so that they don’t have to do a darn thing but just spend money.  That doesn’t work either.  If it’s to be…its up to me!

I spent a number of years waiting for God to do something “on my behalf”.  I wanted there to be some mystical sign in the sky to tell me which road to take.  I was almost paralyzed by the thought that there is “one perfect will of God”.   Imagine that?  There was the perfect will of God for my life and if I happen to be at the beach when He handed out that paper, my life was ruined.  You know what happens when someone is a quadrapalegic don’t you?  They simply cannot move anything on their own.  They require someone to move them around.  That’s how it is when you are paralyzed by the fear of “being out of the will of God”.   You feel like you cannot make a decision….you are afraid to make a decision, so you make none at all.  You see, somewhere in the world of screwed up thinking, no decision is better than a wrong decision.   WRONG.

Here is the amazing thing…God does have the perfect will for you.   It is found in Jeremiah 29:11.  “For i know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future”.  God has knitted into the fabric of your life, the plans for your life.  You have seen them.  You know, when you were a little child and you had a “crush” on certain things.  You know, like writing, or playing the piano or helping people.  You absolutely LOVE those things.  It is different for everyone….but you know.   Those are the little “likes” begin to draw you into the areas where you feel “home”.   Sometimes I think people think they are a puppet and God has the strings to control you.  Nope.  God speaks into your heart the plans He has for you.  In fact it started before you were born!   Then He simply gives you the go ahead to follow your dream.

Now, you are in the drivers seat.  If you have a car full of gas, the keys, a map and your friend says, “come and see me”.  You simply get in the car and go.  You don’t sit in there for hours pondering this trip.  You don’t wait for God to throw the car in drive and then He takes the wheel and makes all the turns.  No.   You get in and do it.  If you want to get to your friends house, “it’s up to you”.  You drive.  You steer.   You just go.

Welcome to your life.  Get in the car seat and begin to drive towards the dream that is already in your heart.   Here’s the good news,  make a wrong turn?  Your internal GPS will kick in and get you back on track.   Enjoy the trip!

What’s more Valuable? Time or Money

I just love talking to people about their businesses.  I love it when they have excuses.  It is human nature, so don’t feel too bad about it.  I’m too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, not smart enough, too smart….you get the picture.   Here is my ultimate favorite….I don’t have time.   Really?  Where exactly do you live?  I’m in North Carolina and since the state was founded in 1789, we have had 24 hours in a day.  Yup….I’m giving you valuable learning here!   I had the great opportunity of meeting some amazing people with my business and my TV Show, “Loving Life”.   For example, I had the opportunity to interview Steve Forbes.  You know…Forbes Magazine….Fortune 500….that guy.  He ran for President of the United States.  Very, Very nice guy and amazing.   Although he is not from North Carolina, he also has 24 hours in each day.  I know…it is true.  He also has 24 hours.  He is the head of a Billion Dollar empire.  He writes an entire Magazine every single month.  He does that in 24 hours.    I also had the pleasure of meeting another Presidential Candidate….Herman Cain.   He had my vote.  (Still would).  He is an amazing entepreneur and businessman.  He is married, children, business, television, radio, author.  I don’t want to blow your minds….but he also only has 24 hours in each day.  I began to get worried.  You see I am meeting these people who are tops in their games….and they get it all done in 24 hours.   I am friends with a local guy here in Wake Forest….Tom Halick.  He is the owner of Main Street Grille, Main Street Grille Pizzaria, and now Main Street Grille Bakery.  Three seperate businesses.  They are busy all the time.  He moved here from New York City where he had a super successful bakery business in the City.  Guess what?  24 hours in his day too.

It boils down to this…we all have 24 hours in every day to do with it whatever we want to.  I know, some of you are saying, but I have to work at a job.  I have to clock in and make money.  I understand.  So, you are working 8 hours a day.  That gives you 16 hours left over.  I hear you.  You have to sleep.  You are right.  Let’s be honest, your body only requires 6-7 hours of sleep a night.  I’m going to give you the entire 7 hours.   Now you have another 9 hours of awake time.  9 Hours!  Are you married?  Yes.  Ok.  Let’s give you 1 hour every day to spend totally with your wife or husband.  Honestly, I know relationships….much more than that and you could be looking at a spouse facing homicide charges for having to be with you too much.  We are now down to 8 hours.   Let’s say you just take the weekdays….5 days.  5 times 8 is 40.   There is 40 hours of time left over.  That is time for a full time job.  I’m not saying that you have to get another job, but I am saying that you have the time for it.

What do we waste time on?  According to the Nielson Ratings, the AVERAGE time for tv viewing PER DAY is 5 hours and 4 minutes per person.  The television sucks your brain dry.  I’m telling you the truth.  If you’re really serious about wanting success in your life, then do this experiment.  It is going to require something of you.   I want you to turn off your television set for 30 days.   No news, no sports, no commericals, no Christian TV, nothing.  And then turn on your tv and sit there with your eyes closed.  You will be amazed at how utterly stupid it sounds.  You realize that they dumb everything down to a 4th grade level.  You are giving up 5 hours a day to have someone pull the top of your head off and pour scoops of horse crap into your brain.   Remember, “I don’t have time”. Oh, there are plenty of other things that we do that simply waste time.   How about Facebook?  Did you know you get on that thing and look at friends who don’t have the guts to put on their current pictures.  They paint one of two stories.  1.  We have it so bad.  We are scared they are going to turn off the lights.  2.  We have it so good.  My children are perfect.  The little darlins are both set to be Academy Award stars.  Johnny, you know my husband who just missed the Major Leagues now has his own company.   Here’s what happens.  You believe this crock.  Suddenly, you are looking at your own life and then up at your children who are covered with dirt, and Bobby Ray, your husband who works all day.  You get a little depressed.  The fact is, you are still in bed reading your Facebook and it is now 9:30.   That little electronic book has sucked time out of your life again!

Since writing my book, “Mastering the Art of Success” with Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown, I have been asked for my opinion on the subject of success.  What can I do to succeed?  There is not one answer….but I will tell you this….time control is one of the big ones.  How much time are you spending on reading and studying books on success?  imagine where you would be in your career right now if you had taken just 2 hours of the time you have left over out of those 8 hours and spent them studying?   I will tell you where….close to the top of your game.  But I don’t have time.

Let’s go back to the original question….what is more valuable….Time or Money.   I’m going to answer it for you.   TIME!   Why do you spend $500.00 for a plane ticket to California when you could drive it for about $120.00?   Time.  Do you realize that it would take 48 hours for me to drive to California from North Carolina?  No breaks…straight shot.  I get there and I have to take an entire day to recoup from that drive.  I am beat.   Now, for $500.00, I get on the plane at 6 AM and in 5 hours, I land in San Francisco and I am ready to go site seeing.  I spend the day with the people I came out to see, have a nice dinner.  We go by the ocean and then go to bed.  We wake up the next day and spend the entire day with the family.  We have gone out to eat, played, had an amazing day.  We talk for hours and the call it a day.  By the way, by this time you may be close to Colorado.  When we get up the next morning….you may be getting ready to pull into town.  You see, if I fly, I can leave 2 days later and stay in my office and work.  I create and create and I’m not worn out.    Time is more valuable than that $500.00 plane ticket.  How about mowing your grass.  I hate it.  It is 2 hours of my day that I will never get back.  It is lost.  Don’t give me some bull about spending time praying while you are mowing your grass.  Come on!   I can pay a neighbor kid $20.00 to do it, and I can spend that time doing my studying or actually working on a project.

Do you see what I am saying.  You have plenty of time.  You have so much time to spend on becoming success that it is not funny.   So right now….make the commitment.   I’m going to salvage some time.   I’m going to quit wasting it.   Start with cutting tv down to 30 minutes.   Now…buy a book and start to read on success.   Seriously.   Fill your mind with all the “how I can make it” rather than all the “why I can’t” stuff.   If you are going to do this and make this commitment, I want you to jot me an email and I am going to send you my chapter from Mastering the Art of Success!   Email me right now and tell me you just read this blog and you want the book.   Send it to    I can’t wait to hear from you!!!

Take your foot off the brake!!!

race carI was just in the grocery store and overheard a conversation between a mom and her daughter. The daughter wanted something, and evidently the mother didn’t, so her response was “We don’t have a lot of money….we are not rich”.

I hear from people all the time who want more. They want more money and the ability to “have things”….and yet our conversations tell otherwise. There are any number of books, tapes, CD’s that you can listen to for motivation. All of them come up with one central theme….it is up to you!

I have always said that there is a power that listens to your voice and your words and helps you “create your world”. You have been created in the image of God and God is a creator. As you look around your life….ask yourself….”is this the life I want?” Are you living in abundance or scarcity? Do you have money left over at the end of the month or is there too much month left for the money you have? You created that.

Some call that “power” God…others “universal intelligence”, “thinking substance”. I choose to call the power “God”. He is not a genie. He doesn’t sit around waiting for your command and then pop out of a lantern and make your wishes come true. But He has set certain things up in various universal laws. One of those laws is “Abraham called things as not as though they were.” That same law is “And God SAID, let there be light and there was light”. HE CREATED THE UNIVERSE BY SPEAKING IT INTO EXISTENCE. Remember, you are created in His image, you are a creator, and you are creating your universe.

Let’s go back to this mom and daughter in the grocery store. I cannot imagine this mom in junior high saying, “I want to maybe graduate high school, marry a drunk and never have enough money to pay all of our bills”. I don’t think that is every anyones dream. But if you don’t CREATE your future by speaking it, you will default into a future that you don’t want. Does that make sense? I really believe she sees herself in a white gown walking down a beautiful church aisle with white Roses on each pew. She sees her husband as a provider and sees herself with an amazing career and income. But remember this, YOU ARE A CREATOR. That creation comes into being after being “spoken”.

So here is that mom in the grocery store. Her vision of her “perfect life” has been tainted. Now she begins to speak of what she sees with her eyes and not her unlimited mind. If she indeed is a creator, than her life is unlimited and nothing is impossible….but that is not what is coming out. What is coming out into the creative world is “We don’t have anything….we are poor….you can’t have that because we don’t have money”. BAM….the universe takes that and creates it.

Imagine this. An Indy 500 driver is on the racetrack. He has his eyes on the checkered flag. He knows he has to push that gas pedal to the floor to win. He pushes down on that gas pedal and yet he is not moving. Why? Because he has his foot on the brake also! He is pushing both the gas and the brake at the same time. He is not going anywhere. In fact, even if he is not moving, in relation to everyone elses movement, he is going backwards!!!!

If I want to have a lot of money and pay bills and save and invest and give to others, and yet the words that come out of my mouth say the opposite, I have a foot on the gas and a foot on the brake at the same time. The scripture says, “out of the abundance of the heart…the mouth speaks”. Maybe your heart or mind don’t have the right picture. Maybe you need to fill the heart and mind up with abundance before you even get to the point where your mouth can speak it.

Much of what you have heard from preachers, teachers, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, bosses, friends or movies and tv are telling you that you are not worthy to have money or abundance. “Money is the root of all evil”. Why would you want money? You don’t want to make God mad. Sometimes we take scriptures and mold them into excuses for where we are in life. It is just an easy “out”. Quick doing that. God is not confused. In more places in scriptures and texts He speaks of abundance and riches and giving more than are ever listed about not having.

So, let’s start with the heart. Begin to fill your mind with pictures of abundance. Go buy magazines with pictures and stories of abundance. Get pictures of huge houses and beautiful cars. Watch videos of vacation places you would like to visit. Find beautiful clothes. Let all of that sink in. Now change what you say. I don’t want to give you an entire list of sentences or mantras. I only have one. I challenge you for the next 30 days to say “I AM WEALTHY”. I don’t care if this power company is at your back door ready to turn off your power….say “I AM WEALTHY”. You have to turn this puppy around and start driving in the right direction some time. Now is the time. Today is the day. When you have a thought of lack, out loud say “I am wealthy”. Quit telling your kids you don’t have enough. Quit saying that you are poor. Starting saying “I AM WEALTHY”.

Start Changing your mind. Start filling it with where you want to be!!! Take one more step. Go and order the book, THE POWER. Do it right now. If you don’t do something right now, you will never change. Let this be your step of change.

You are an electro-magnetic bundle of energy!

Some people have the mistaken idea that they are a body. As they look in the mirror, they see “themselves” in the mirror. They see this image of a body that have been watching mature over the years. They know their nose, they know that their left eye is a little lower than their right eye. They have watched their head full of brown hair grow less in population and bit by bit turn into a snow patch. As they look into the mirror over the years, they have watched weight pile on, come off, pile on again, come off, etc. We focus in on this body. It is what we can see of us.

But the fact is, the body is simply the tent that the real you uses for a period of time. The real you is an electro-magnetic bundle of energy. We call that energy “spirit”. It is a weird concept for us to catch hold of, since we have spent so much time looking in the mirror. It is this spirit that is forever. It lives forever and ever. If you have ever set at the side of someone who is passing away, you watch them simply close their eyes and you think, “it is finished”. The truth is, it is just started. At that point when the heart stops beating, this energy bundle leaves the body and still is alive. In fact, it is a very common thing for this energy bundle to leave the body even before death, travel around and come back. This life energy consists of two parts, the spirit and the mind. It is these two components that make you….YOU. This spirit/mind connection can think and react outside of the body. It is this combo that people talk about when they tell stories of being on a surgical table, and they come out of their body and can see things happening. These spirit/mind combos often make the decision to come back into the body and live longer. It is these people who can tell things that happened in a surgical room, that nobody saw but on person, and they didn’t say anything about it. Yes, it is real.

All of that to say this….you are a “spiritual being” having a “body experience”….you are not a “body” having a “spiritual experience”. When you understand this, then suddenly all the troubles you have been having with your body seem smaller. I wrote in my book that I co-authored with John Gray, “Mind, Body, Soul”, that I have the feeling that most people will die, step out of their body and say “Crap, I limited myself in my body….I could have done so much more!” Guess what? Good news! If you are reading this, you are still in your body. Get the cognition of how powerful you really are and kick the butt out of life. Do more than ever, speak to people around you, go places you’ve dreamed about….LIVE!!

Successful People

After I co-wrote the book, “Mastering the Art of Success” with Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown and Jack Canfield, I am asked alot about what it takes to be successful. Remember, success is not just financial. It is financial, spiritual, social and work.

The most important thing is to answer the question, “do I want to be successful”. For most people, whether they know it or not, the question is a hard one. The fact is, most people have a fear of success. Is the fear that they will fail? With some, yes. With most, no. The fear with most is that they will succeed. Their fear is that they will not be able to handle it and they will lose people around them. They fear that they will change. You need to do some analysis on yourself and discover your belief on this important question.

Secondly, success is not for the weak of heart. I’m telling you, most people have the idea that the “successful person” got something handed to them on a silver platter or they were born with that “silver spoon” in their mouth. The fact of the matter is, successful people work very hard at what they have. Now granted, there are some spoiled rich kids who never worked a day in their lives, but they are the exception. Most of these people are up early in the morning, work until late at night and spend a lot of weekends working on their businesses and ideas. While you may be watching Netflix with a bowl of Rocky Road, the successful person is either working or spending time studying.

Third. Ecclesiastes 9:10 says, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who have jobs that some would think “they could never be successful”, and yet these people are wildly successful. The key is this…whatever you choose to do…do it at 110%. I know scientists who cannot pay their bills and I know janitors who have a million dollars saved. The fact is, if you are lazy, you are not going to make it. Laziness is not a genetic disease. It is a learned behavior. Here is the good news, you can change that. It is simply a decision. Now, if you are tired and worn out, that is 95% of the time a nutritional problem….and that too can be fixed.

Four…if you want to be successful….hang around successful people. Find people who are doing what you want to do and emulate them. Successful people have habits that they have created that have taken them to where they are. They read successful books, they listen to successful tapes, they hang around successful people too. If you want to be successful, but you hang around at the local bakery and drink coffee with people who don’t have jobs or can’t pay their bills, I think i may have found your problem. Quit asking advice from people who are not themselves successful. You can be sure that they are going to give you advice anyways. They have some jacked up theory on why they can’t seem to make it. It must be God’s will. Bull! I am amazed at people who can take find scriptures to verify their plot in life. Quit making excuses. Find out what you need to do and do it with all your might!

Rhubarb Pie

rhubarb pie

I remember when i was a kid in Wisconsin in the summer going out in the backyard and picking stalks of Rhubarb. It looks like celery, but it has a reddish swish through it. It is a vegetable. If you have never had plain Rhubarb, you have missed nothing. It is the worst, most sour taste you have every had hit your tastebuds. There was nothing better than to have a “Rhubarb Virgin” come to your house. “Taste this home grown celery” we would say, and then stand back and watch their faces. It makes every salivary gland in your mouth and neck go into spasms and then the facial muscles tighten up tighter than the girdle Grandma Johnson used to wear. Wow, those were good times.

The other day one of my patients, Constance, brought me a Strawberry Rhubarb pie. I had the feeling she thought that I was one of those “Rhubarb Virgins” and she wanted to video my face. I just knew that she wanted to put a picture of my face on Facebook and see the “likes” go up into the millions. I told her that I had some experience with Rhubarb and I wasn’t going to fall for her joke. She insisted that it wasn’t a joke…it was going to be delicious. EXACTLY WHAT I TOLD MIKE ERICKSON back in 3rd grade. But you know what, I love this patient, and so I decided Facebook or not, I would try it. Guess what? It was incredible. It was the sweetest pie and had the flavor of freshly picked strawberries with just a hint of tartness from the Rhubarb. That one little slice of that pie didn’t last long. I was hooked.

In the days that have passed since that encounter with the Rhubarb pie, I have had some thoughts bouncing around my brain. Sometimes we look at the sour things that happen in life and we focus totally on that. It doesn’t matter what that sour thing in your life is. It can be health issues, it can be financial, relationship, bad choices….whatever….sour things are there. Please have this understanding about life….there will ALWAYS be sour things in your life. There will always be disappointment, pains, hurts. I don’t care if you are Mother Theresa….crap happens.

Now, here is the key. You need to make Rhubarb pie! If you know you have Rhubarb and you are “stuck with it”, then it is easy, make pie.

Here are the directions for “LIFE RHUBARB PIE”:

1. I don’t want you to ask the universe for more Rhubarb….shoot for less. Remember that what you focus on grows. So if you want more pain, focus on what could hurt you. If you want financial trouble, look at the amount you don’t have, focus on that, and by golly, you will have “more of the less”. I wrote a book on Fibromyalgia named “You’re Not Crazy, an Overcomer’s Guide to Fibromyalgia”, and I have become somewhat of an expert on Fibro. Here is what I have discovered over years with these type of diseases, the patient becomes Fibromyalgia. It soon consumes their entire life. They study about it, they talk about it constantly and it soon takes over their lives. A good percentage of Fibro patients get divorced. Know why? The spouse cannot take the constant barrage of information on this disease. What should they focus on that they want to grow? HEALTH. Study health. What should you eat to be healthy…what supplements should you take, etc.

2. Realize that your recipe has to have more sugar and sweetness to counter the sourness of Rhubarb. This is not always easy. Life is not easy. We have more stress than we have ever had in our lives. I’m telling you, that you had more stress in your life yesterday, than your great great grandmother had in 2 years of her life. Up your sweetness level. Read only things that are going to bring sweetness into your life. “Oh be careful little ears what you hear”. What do you listen to? What type of music do you allow to penetrate the fort of your brain? I highly recommend listening to motivation speakers, and read their books. But having said that, I also recommend that you get quiet and just listen. I love talking to people who never hear the voice of Spirit. Really? How can Spirit talk to you when your ears are discolored from EarBuds being constantly in your ears. How about going for a walk or a run without hearing any music or talking.

3. Good things happen to those who wait. I remember when Grandma Johnson used to bake cookies. I always wanted to steal a taste of the dough before she was done. She let me try it once with just flour and baking soda and some water….yuck. It takes time to mix up all the things in your life. I realize that we want things and we want them now! Patience is one of the hardest things to cultivate. One of the biggest keys to success is PP. Come on, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about Patience and Persistence. Don’t eat the Rhubarb pie until it is ready. It is much like planting a garden and trying to eat things before they have fully grown.

4. Share your Pie with friends and Family. I’m not talking about the plain rhubarb. I’m talking about the sweet, creamy Strawberry Rhubarb pie. People don’t want to hear you bitching about everything that is wrong in your life. Run, Forest, Run. They will run from you faster than you can imagine. And then you wonder why you have no friends. Share with them the sweetness of life. Guess what, when you increase the sweetness level with the strawberries and sugar, suddenly you don’t even taste the Rhubarb. You only taste the good part of the Rhubarb. That’s the taste that you want those around you to taste. You want them to feel like spending time with you because you have somehow learned how to make something wonderful out of the sour things in life.

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Mountain or Grain of Sand?

I love this quote from Og Mandino…
“I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to grow into a mountain, not to shrink to a grain of sand. Henceforth I will apply ALL my efforts to become the highest mountain of all and I will strain my potential until it cries for mercy”.

I love studying people. I love listening to people who have succeeded and try to figure out what it is that sets them apart. I spend absolutely no time studying people who are broken and beat down. There is an old saying, “whatever you focus on…grows”. I want to focus on being a mountain and not a grain of sand. It is interesting that these are two absolutely opposite ends of the spectrum. The mountain can be seen for miles. It is huge. A grain of sand….almost impossible to see. I look for the mountains.

In studying the mountains, I have noticed three things:

1. They never give up. If you look up persistence in the dictionary, their picture is there. This doesn’t mean you never stop doing something or you quit it. The fact is, you make the decision to quit or stop. You are in control. But these people are still working something long after the average Joe would have given up and gone home to watch Netflix. Make the decision that you are going to hang on like glue. That is all it is….a decision.

2. They hang around people who want the same thing. If you hang around people who fail, you will fail too. If you hang around people who have fear, you will have fear too. If you hang around success, you will be successful too. Sometimes it is easy for us to hang around someone who is not making it, because it validates something in our own life. Stop it. Decide to search out the positive, successful people in your town and hang around them. Believe me, people will pull you to their level of life. If you hang around people who can’t pay their bills, they are constantly sick or they bitch about everything and everyone, you’ll soon pick up that energy. Yuck.

3. They talk to themselves. Weird, i know, but they do. I’m not necessarily speaking of talking out loud! They have an amazing “self talk”. They aren’t afraid to tell themselves that they were created to create wealth. They talk to their bodies and tell the body that each part is healthy. They speak to situations and tell the situation what is going to happen, and not listen to the circumstance and let it tell them what is! Don’t let your body dictate what you feel. You dictate to your body. Speak out what you want to be. “my joints are healthy. My heart is healthy and it pumps good blood all over my body. My brain is healthy and I have great memory and I am smart.” You see, we are programmed to do the opposite. As soon as we have a pain, we get on WebMD and figure out what is wrong and get the calculator to figure out how many months we have left to live. Stop that crap. Start speaking life into your life….not death, disease and disaster.

I want you to be a mountain. I want others to be able to see you and your life for miles. You should stand out from everyone. Be the head, and not the tail, above and not beneath.

Dream a little dream

I love dreamers. These are people who have a dream, a vision, a goal, and they chase after them. These are the people who make things happen. They don’t care if the material that they need to make their project doesn’t exist, they still dream, plan and eventually their material materializes and they build! Walt Disney was one of these people. He looked a blank piece of paper and saw a movie script. He saw thousands of acres of swamp land in Florida and saw a park where families could come and have the time of their life. He needed phone service for this amazing park, and it didn’t exist. He built it! He saw things that others didn’t see.

One of my favorite dreamers is my son-in-law, Michael Davis. He produces my tv show. He has had ideas for movies. He has dreamed about this since a child. Talk about a big dream….and yet he has never given up. Well tonight is the night when his movie, “Union Bound” is being released in 250 theatres across the country. I have already seen it….it is amazing. It is about some Union soldiers who were captured during the war. They didn’t give up. Instead, they were helped in their escape from the south by the slaves. Here is the amazing thing…it is the true story of Sgt. Joseph Hoover….a Union soldier. Everyday, he wrote what happened in his diary. His great, great granddaughter has that diary, and Mike made it come to life in a movie. He didn’t have big Hollywood giving him millions of dollars. He just had the belief that he could do it. From day one, he had a picture of theatres filled with people watching the movie. He didn’t have the money to start a project like this….all he had was the dream. He didn’t have the special equipment needed to film it….all he had was a dream. How in the world could you have a scene with thousands of soldiers fighting a battle in their original uniforms, but not the millions of dollars it would take to film that? He had a dream. As my friend Dr. Mark Chironna used to say, “If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count”.

There are some of you who have dreams, ideas that seem impossible. You look at it and it is overwhelming. It is too big of a project….you could never do it. The fact is, if God put the dream in your heart, he is also giving you the tools to finish the task. What an odd God it would be to give you a dream, but no the wherewithal to finish the task. Doesn’t make sense. You need to do two things:
1. Start to see the “end of your project”. If it is a business, then envision yourself in that business, with the doors open, and you are providing the service. Become a daydreamer. See yourself baking the special foods. Look at your dream as if it were reality and you are in the middle of it. Quit looking at all the steps you have to take to get to where you want to be….look at the end frame! You have to believe that if you can see the “end frame”, then God is going to open up doors that no man could have ever opened. Suddenly doors will open. The phone will ring with people bending over backwards to help. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything but dream….but if you don’t dream….your work will be in vain.
2. I have found that in order for your dream to come to pass, you have to be willing to help other people make their dreams come to pass. You need to become sensitive to the voice of Spirit. Listen for that little small voice that urges you to do something. You may feel the unction to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in years. You may go to a place that you hadn’t thought of in years. Sometimes, we get annoyed because we have a car that stops, or something breaks. We tend to look at that from the negative. Stop it! Realize that it may be at this point the only way that Spirit can get your attention to align your path with the perfect answer to a situation you are in need. You may be the answer to someones dream….or they could be the answer to your dream. How exciting. Support those around you who dream. This is the night when Mike’s dream is coming to fruition. He has dreamed a dream of having a movie in theatres all over the country. He needs you to be a part of his dream coming true. You hold a key to his dream and to your dream. Look at his website for Union Bound. Is it playing at a theatre near you? Great. Take your entire family to see it. Invest in his dream. Call some friends, tell them to join you. Repost this on your Facebook. I believe that out of this dream tonight, thousands of dream seeds are going to be planted and thousands of dreams will come to pass.

Please check for your location at Go see the movie and when you see the little girl standing by the fence taking Sgt.Hoovers hand….you have met my granddaughter, Bella.